Darwin Rural Fire Simulation Online

2019-04-25 15_26_39-FireSim
This online rural block fire simulation tool is aimed at improving landholder knowledge of bushfire planning and mitigation strategies and the increasing fire risks associated with the spread of Gamba grass.

The tool mimics some of the fire mitigation design principles illustrated in the NTG Bushfires graphic shown here:

This online fire simulation “game” allows you to play with fire weather conditions and add in fire breaks and Gamba grass. You can also add Gamba to a whole block using the “Sprout Gamba” button.



In the fire simulation, the different management zones are represented as shown here:2019-05-05 09_57_35-_New document 1 - Inkscape

The gamba buffer zones only come into play once you ‘sprout’ Gamba.


Access and play with the fire simulation here. 


Works best when opened in Chrome or Firefox browser.  Version 05/05/19


for more information contact:
Training.BushfiresNT@nt.gov.au and or rohan.fisher@cdu.edu.au

More information and fire simulations are available here.